Bucks County’s Favorite Food

FullSizeRender-1It’s a Saturday night. You need a place to eat. Where do you go?

You are sick of eating at the same restaurants. You are tired of seeing the same people. However, you do not know of any places outside of your small township.
While struggling to find a great place to spend your night, why not utilize a tool that is right at your fingertips. Your phone. This small device contains outlets to explore and find the newest trends. For instance, Instagram.

We have created a new Instagram account called @buckscountybites. This account creates easy access for food lovers to find great bites fast. However, we need your help. We need people to tag, DM or even use #buckscountybites to help get the word out. The bigger the network, the more food options available to the foodies of our area.
Not only is this beneficial to you and me, but also for the businesses. Each person that sees a post will notice where the food has been eaten. With such exposure, a business can easily gain attention.
Spread the word and get out your forks!
bucks county’s favorite foodies


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