Spring Newsletter from @buckscountybites

ice cream
Photographed above is the perfect spring treat– Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Tanner Bros.
Wow! What a winter it has been! As the snow begins to end and the sun starts to come out, we thought we would give all of our viewers an update. Thanks to you guys the @buckscountybites Instagram page has exceeded 1500 followers! The blog is also receiving lots of traffic. Please keep publishing your comments and interacting with fellow foodies.

BucksCountyBites has also received many exciting emails– be sure to email us: buckscountybites@gmail.com . We have received emails from a new app called Chosen, asking us to be featured in their Food challenge. We are also a part of tableog.com! Be sure to check out our page: http://m.tabelog.us/reviewers/buckscountybites/reviews . We have received an email with the potential of creating a buckscountybites bagel.

This is all such exciting news and we cannot wait for the season ahead! We have even expanded all over social media! If you have a new idea or would like to contact us, please email/DM/Tweet/Facebook message us.

Email: buckscountybites@gmail.com

Twitter: bucksbites

Instagram DM: @buckscountybites

Facebook: BucksCounty Bites

Facebook Page: Bucks County Bites


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