Road trip: Smorgasburg at Prospect Park

Everyone loves great food… Right? Why not expand your horizons and travel to Brooklyn! Smorgasburg is located in Williamsburg on Saturdays and Prospect Park on Sundays. It is a great way for foodies to enjoy the nice weather and delicious treats. Check out our experience below!!

Photographed above is the famous Ramen Burger! Trust us… It tastes even better than it looks. The Ramen Burger is $10 and extremely tasty.

Photographed above is a chicken bun! Chicken Buns are $5 and the stand has many other types of meat to stuff your bun with. 

Photographed above is charcoal grilled corn from Bisska! This corn not only looks fabulous, but also tastes incredible!

Photographed above are Big Mozz’s mozzarella sticks. They are $10 and absolutely delicious. They are HUGE and filled with lots of cheese!!

Lastly we finished our experience with an ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch. Photographed above is the Cripsy sandwhich– a caramel rice crispy outside with vanilla ice cream inside!! This was to die for!! We also got an ice cream sandwhich of a brownie outside with mint ice cream inside.
Smorgasburg is a MUST go to!! If traveling  from Bucks County we suggest taking the NJ transit to NY Penn Station and then taking a cab or the subway to Brooklyn. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and eat great food!


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