The Return of the Diner

Photographed above are CRN seniors Abir Vatsyayana (left), Katie Miernicki, Savannah Arnold, Gillian Sher-Raab, Josh De Mets and Sakura Hartman (right).
Council Rock North seniors are bringing back diners! These fabulous foodies have decided to find local diners and make an evening out of this fun meal. Sakura Hartman stated that she “think[s] diners are the epitome of American culture and that it is interesting to observe the different types of people that walk into the restaurant.” Gillian Sher-Raab adds that “it gives her something fun to do in suburbia.” This innovative club allows the seniors to interact with new types of people. Sakura stated that this dining experience has allowed her “to develop a greater appreciation for the nicer restaurants in the world.” It is awesome to see fellow foodies go to retro places and review their thoughts on Instagram! Be sure to check out their page @dinerclub. In addition, you can email them for business inquiries: . 
Keep sharing your food adventures with us to be featured on our next post!
Get out your forks and take photos of your best Bites!


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