Keeping up with Bucks County Bites

Hello fellow foodies!

Since we last checked in we have transitioned from “pumpkin spice” season to the “peppermint and coco” season. As the weather becomes more and more cold, we find it more difficult to leave the warmth and hunt for new food stops. However, we have turned to homemade goodies!

Featured below are homemade ice cream sandwiches. The recipe for these treats is simple! Bake a batch of cookies and let them cool completely. Next pick your favorite flavor ice cream and place one scoop onto one cookie. Layer a cookie on top, roll in sprinkles and freeze. Enjoy!FullSizeRender-16.jpg

Another homemade treat is this Cinnabon topped with Nutella, peanut butter and a chocolate chip cookie. To make this treat, buy all of the above ingredients in your local supermarket and layer them in any order. FullSizeRender-17.jpg

Keep sharing your homemade creations for a chance to be featured!

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xoxo, your favorite foodies


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