College Creameries

Hi foodies! Now that we have moved on to the college life, we are here to update you with the best ice cream spots at your favorite universities. From coast to coast we have received recommendations about the best places to go. Here are our top picks:


Syracuse University- Insomnia/ The Ice Cream Stand

Amanda Kole, freshman at Syracuse University, recommends the campfire s’mores flavor at the Ice Cream Stand!

Maddy Pilavin, freshman at Syracuse University, loves chocolate peanut butter from Insomnia.

Binghamton University- Sugar lips

Julia Cohen, freshman at Binghamton University, enjoys a sprinkle cone with a soft-serve twist and rainbow sprinkles! Her other favorite flavors are “Oregon Blackberry Cheesecake” and “Movie Time.”

Pennsylvania State University- PSU Creamery

Rachael Cook and Rachel Bresalier, both freshman at PSU, are lovers of the alumni swirl and peachy paterno.

Margo Yellin, freshman at PSU, recommends mint oreo!

University of Pittsburgh- Dave and Andy’s

Leah Mitchell, freshman at Pitt, loves caramel fudge twister.

University of Pennsylvania- Sweet Charlie’s

Zack Rovner, freshman at UPenn, recommends that foodies check out Sweet Charlies. Sweet Charlies has amazing combinations of rolled ice cream. Make sure to try the combination called “Love Park.”

Lehigh University- The Cup

Maddie Phillips, freshman at Lehigh University, suggests trying mint chocolate chip or coffee ice cream!

Princeton University- Nina’s Waffles/ Thomas Sweet Ice Cream

Olivia Phillips, student at Princeton Day School, enjoy Thomas Sweets because she can pick whatever flavors and toppings she wants and have them mixed together!

University of Maryland- Maryland Dairy/ Captain Cookie/ The Milkman/ The Creamery @    Student Union

Brett Podell, freshman at University of Maryland, enjoys the soft serve at the dining hall, but his next favorite is the ice cream from the Creamery at the Student Union. His favorite flavors are mint chip, coffee and strawberry.

The Ohio State University- United Dairy Farmers

Marissa Levine, freshman at OSU, loves peanut butter chip!

Indiana University- Hertzels/ The S’mores Spinner

Lauren Ambos, freshman at Indy, enjoys chocolate soft serve mixed with marshmallow and graham crackers.

University of Wisconsin- The Chocolate Shop

Amanda Zeltt, freshman at Wisco, loves moose tracks and munchie madness!

Tulane University- Creole Creamery

Amanda Kauffman, freshman at Tulane University, recommends that foodies try the cookie monster (vanilla based with chocolate chip cookies) and peanut butter chocolate fudge.

University of Florida- Sweetberries/ D’lites Emporium/ Yogurtology/ Karma Cream

Jenna Riech, freshman at University of Florida, recommends that everyone try the cookie concrete at Sweetberries.

Carly Daniel, sophomore at University of Florida, is a huge fan of D’lites Emporium due to the low- calorie content of the ice cream

University of Miami- Dining Hall

Ali Beyda, freshman at the University of Miami, loves the frozen yogurt at the dining hall! If you attend UM, be sure to check it out.

University of South Carolina- Marble Slab

Jayme Lerman, freshman at the University of South Carolina, recommends combining chocolate and peanut butter ice cream and mixing in Oreos! WOW!

University of Arizona- The Scoop

Sage Linsky, freshman at University of Arizona, loves cookies and cream!

Emory University- Jenis Splendid Ice Cream Shoppe

Rachael Newman, freshman at Emory, gets the darkest chocolate ice cream and adds Allie’s Cookies to make an ice cream sandwich.



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